Teens 2 Tech


With the future of our youth in mind, this exciting and essential undertaking opens the door for teens to pursue opportunities of potential employment in the various trades and technical vocations.

With the cost of higher education at an all time high and many graduates burdened with debt, many of our area’s youth may discover the trades and technical fields are a better option for them. Many of these fields currently and will continue to see a shortage of qualified candidates to fill these family supporting jobs. Give Back Wisconsin would like to introduce our youth to many of the opportunities that are available to them.

Give Back Wisconsin will work with area high schools and local industries to help students get the proper education and training to help fill these technical jobs that are available in the area.

Give Back Wisconsin will form an advisory board made up of industry leaders to design a program to help guide students down the path to employment.

If you know of a child interested in finding out more about this project, please contact us at: (414) 235-8573 or email us at: contactus@givebackwi.com